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Play On with Thorough Tennis Court Cleaning

Tennis courts gather moss, dirt and debris like any other outdoor surface. Whether your courts are private or commercial, regular cleaning from the Aqua Blasters can restore the vibrancy of colours and markings, and keep your tennis courts non-slip and looking great.

What is tennis court cleaning?

As part of our tennis court cleaning, our Aqua Blasters use professional-grade pressure washers (either hot or cold, and steam where required) to blast away dirt, debris and plant matter, breathing new life into tired tennis courts. We assess each job on a case by case basis, choosing the optimum technique for a deep, thorough clean that won’t damage surfaces or markings.

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What are the benefits of professional tennis court cleaning?

Restore Vibrancy

Professional tennis court cleaning from the Aqua Blasters restores lustre and makes markings clear.

Maintain Safety

Dirty tennis courts can be slippery. Ensure the safety of your court users with regular tennis court cleaning to clear away moss, mould and algae.

Attract Attention

Attract the attention of potential tennis court users with a freshly cleaned, like-new look.

A Quick & Effective Clean

Our tennis court cleaning is quick and effective, ensuring your season can get underway without delay.

What type of tennis courts do you clean?

The dirt-blasting heroes at Aqua Blasters can clean almost any type of hard-surfaced tennis court. And we can perform our magic on both private or commercial tennis courts.

How often should you clean a tennis court?

We recommend cleaning your tennis courts every 6-12 months, particularly at the end of the winter season.


We cover Kent and the whole of London.


Prices vary depending on the size of your tennis court. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to give you a no-obligation quote.

Insurance & Training

We are fully insured and specially trained to use high-pressure water jetting equipment safely.