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Effective Gutter Cleaning and Vacuuming

Gutters collect all sorts over time – dirt, moss, weeds, birds and the occasional stray tennis ball. So gutter cleaning requires more than just a blast of aqua. We use a specialised, flexible gutter vacuum to take care of all dirt and debris, leaving no mess behind.

What is gutter cleaning?

Gutter cleaning from the Aqua Blasters involves using a powerful gutter vacuum to get into every corner of your guttering, leaving it spotless, and we take all the rubbish away when we’re done. Our long-handled tools mean we can carry out most of our gutter cleaning missions from the ground – no need for ladders or invasive scaffolding.

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Why do I need professional gutter cleaning?

Cleaning gutters by hand is a messy job, and it’s hard work requiring balance and coordination, not to mention a fearless approach to heights! As professionals, we use a powerful, specialist SkyVac that means the job is carried out safely and effectively, and with as little mess as possible.

And most residential gutter cleaning can be done with our feet firmly on the ground, so you avoid the additional cost of access equipment like scaffolding.

What types of gutters can you clean?

We can clean most residential guttering, up to a maximum height of 10 metres.

What does gutter cleaning include?

Our gutter cleaning services include a thorough clear out using our specialist Sky Vac, removal of rubbish and if required, additional professional-grade pressure wash to finish the job.

What’ll happen if I don’t get my gutters cleaned?

If you don’t get your gutters regularly cleaned, dirt and debris collect, impeding proper water drainage. This, in turn, can cause serious problems like flooding, damage to your exterior rendering and paintwork, and allowing damp and leaks to enter into your home.

How do you tell if your gutters are clogged?

Birds or pests in your gutters, water spilling over the sides, sagging areas, staining on your siding and/or plant growth are usually signs of clogged gutters. If you spot any of these, send out your mayday signal to us at Aqua Blasters, and we’ll be delighted to come to your rescue.

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How often do I need to get my guttering professionally cleaned?

We recommend you get your gutters professionally cleaned every 6-12 months, ideally at the end of autumn and in spring. If there is any noticeable clogging though, it’s best to get your gutters cleaned right away.

How to prep your guttering for cleaning

Generally, tidy up the area underneath your guttering by removing obstacles like toys and furniture. We also ask that you close all the windows in your home.


We cover Kent and the whole of London.


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Insurance & Training

We are fully insured and specially trained to use high-pressure water jetting equipment safely.