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Thorough but Gentle Decking Cleaning

Decking is a stunning addition to your outdoor space, but natural materials that are exposed to the elements inevitably dull and get dirty over time, particularly after a long, wet winter. Professional decking cleaning can breathe new life into your decking and return its lustre.

What is decking cleaning?

Decking cleaning uses professional-grade pressure washers to give your decking a thorough, but gentle, clean. At Aqua Blasters, we even get the job done without the need for harsh toxic chemicals, so you can rest assured that our decking cleaning services are safe for your pets, children and plants.

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What are the benefits of decking cleaning?

Remove Dirt & Grime

Thorough decking cleaning removes dirt and grime and restores colour. It brightens up your decking, getting it looking new again, which improves your enjoyment of it.

Reduce Slip

Decking that’s riddled with moss and algae can also be very slippery, particularly when it’s wet. Our dirt-busting decking cleaning will keep your deck clean and safe.

Preserve Your Decking

Cleaning your decking regularly is also essential in preserving the life of the wood. Over time, moulds, moss and fungus eat away at delicate wood, so save yourself the expense of repair or replacement and keep your deck clean.

Is it OK to pressure wash decking?

Wooden decking very susceptible to mould and algae, and requires a deep clean. But wooden fibres can be damaged by too rigorous washing, scrubbing or cleaning. At Aqua Blasters, we use adjustable, professional-grade pressure washers and have lots of experience working with wooden decks, so we know the right balance needed for a deep, yet delicate, clean.

Does my decking need cleaning?

If your decking looks dull, faded, mouldy and/or it’s slippery when wet, it’s time to send out your SOS to the decking cleaning experts at Aqua Blasters.

How to prepare your decking for cleaning

To prepare your decking for cleaning tidy away all toys, plants and garden furniture, and if possible, sweep away leaves and debris. Generally, just leave the space clear for our aqua-blasting magic.

How often should I have my decking cleaned?

We recommend you have your decking cleaned at least once a year – ideally in warm, dry weather.


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Insurance & Training

We are fully insured and specially trained to use high-pressure water jetting equipment safely.