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Professional Car Park Cleaning

Like the exterior of your premises, car parks often get dirty and slippery thanks to the good old British weather and environmental pollution. To ensure your car park is safe and it makes the best possible impression on potential customers, it’s important to clean it regularly.

What is car park cleaning?

At Aqua Blasters, our car park cleaning services use industry-leading, professional-grade pressure washers to blast dirt, grime and plant matter away – quickly and effectively. Our car park cleaning services will leave your parking clean and safe, with minimal disruption.

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What are the benefits of car park cleaning?

Make a Great Impression

In a tough commercial world making a good impression on customers is key, and the condition of your car park says something about your business. Professional car park cleaning will ensure that even your car park will impress potential customers.

Maintain Safety

Mosses, mould and algae collect on concrete over time, creating a slippery surface. A thorough car park clean from the Aqua Blasters will ensure your parking is as safe as possible for people and vehicles alike.

How often should you have your car park cleaned?

We recommend you clean your car park every 6-12 months, particularly after a wet winter, building works and/or significant spillages.


We cover Kent and the whole of London.


Prices vary depending on the size of your property. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to give you a no-obligation quote.

Insurance & Training

We are fully insured, with up to £5 million for public liability, and we’re specially trained to use our high-pressure water jetting equipment.