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Your Eco-friendly Outdoor Cleaning Company

It's the Aqua Blasters' mission to rescue your home and business from dirt, grime, moss and mould, giving you a property that'll make you proud and your neighbours jealous.

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Our Heroic Values

Eco-friendly Cleaning

As an eco cleaning company, we believe that our fight against dirt shouldn’t come at the expense of the natural world. We don't use any chemical cleaners, meaning that while our exterior cleaning services are tough on muck, they’re safe for animals, children, plants and above all, the environment.

A Thorough Clean Every Time

Our eco values don’t affect our cleaning power though. Our industry-leading pressure washers ensure a deep, thorough clean every time.

Local, Responsive & Flexible

We are a small, independent business that is trying to make a difference in our local area. We are reliable and responsive, offering an out-of-hours service where possible.  Whether you’re a homeowner or business, we value each individual customer and can be flexible to suit your needs. No job is too big, no dirt is too tough.

Why Choose Our Eco-friendly Exterior Cleaning?

Deep Clean

Our outdoor cleaning services use industry-leading pressure washers and steam pressure washers for a deep-down clean – blasting away dirt, moss, mould, and even chewing gum and graffiti.

Gentle When Required

As we’re experienced professionals, we know when it’s time to be gentle too. We blast dirt and grime away from decking and playgrounds while being careful not to damage. We also take care of surrounding plants and grass, ensuring we blast away the weeds you don’t want, without damaging the plants that you do.

Chemical-Free Clean

Our eco-friendly cleaning services clean deep without using nasty, toxic chemicals.


Our dirt-busting services restore colour and breathe new life into tired buildings, patios, driveways and more. We’ll have your outdoor features looking brand new again.


Our outdoor cleaning will have your property shining again, increasing its kerb appeal and impressing potential customers or buyers.

Save Money

Our cost-effective exterior cleaning will maintain your outdoor features and buildings, extending their lifespan and saving you money on repairs.

Keep Safe

Our eco-friendly cleaning will keep your outdoor surfaces clean, hygienic and slip-free, which keeps you, your family, staff and visitors safe.

Our Aqua-blasting Services

Whether you’re a homeowner or business, we have a range of eco-friendly exterior cleaning services to suit most needs, from patios to pathways, driveways to decking, and gutters to garden ornaments.

We Work With:

  • Homeowners
  • Property sellers
  • High street shops
  • Business premises
  • Local authorities
  • and more…